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Racing Photos 1930's

  • Car #12 Detroit 100 Mile Race 1936
    These are auto racing photographs taken by Al Blixt, Sr. in the 1930's. They are presented here for your viewing enjoyment. Please feel free to download these images for your own personal use. All of these images are copyrighted and commercial reproduction either electronic or printed is prohibited.

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Ken Walkey

As a spectator at Gilmore Statium in the 40's I loved those 60's. Later racing on my own at Bonneville (300+)I still wanted a 60. I'm 81 now. Drive a '27T, and would love to have a late model 60 in it. Love 'em.

Jim Watt

Thanks, Al, for your informative and well-documented history. There's not a lot on the web re: midgets that's not either incomplete or inaccurate. I'm trying to put together a history of my dad's connection to midget racing for my siblings. He was a 'stooge' as a kid at Gilmore Stadium and went with the Gilmore gang to Indy in the thirties two or three times. I have a picture of him in a Gilmore Special midget (no date). Dad drove a pick-up push truck in the fifties at races at the Josephine County Fairgrounds outside Grants Pass, OR. I remember watching Bob Christie win in #23 a V-8 60 powered beauty. I'm trying to get more info on racing there, but not having much luck. You know anything?
Thanks, Jim Watt

auto repair willoughby oh

That V8 sounds like a great little engine. I remember my father having one back in the day.

 Gene Ingram

Al, Another great article covering a section of racing that well deserves the attention.
Thanks for your efforts!
Gene Ingram
Winchester Old Timers

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