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I am a consultant, husband, father and now grandfather with a passion for exploring my dad's world of auto racing in the 1930's and 40's. --Al Blixt, Jr.


I grew up in metro Detroit in the 1940's and 50's. My dad, Al (Ace) Blixt, was the official photographer at Motor City Speedway in those days and so I spent my early years at the track watching in fascination as the roar of the mighty midgets filled all of my senses. I became enthralled with everythng about racing as a young man and taught myself photographic printing in my dad's darkroom when I was 12 just so I could print some of those marvelous images that he had created.

Although Al,Sr. died in 1961, and I went on to a life that didn't include racing much, I have always wanted to share these images and, with luck, connect with those who could share what they remember about those days. I will be posting at least weekly one or two pictures that strike me as particularly interesting. I invite those with an interest to respond to this blog or contact me directly.