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Racing Photos 1930's

  • Car #12 Detroit 100 Mile Race 1936
    These are auto racing photographs taken by Al Blixt, Sr. in the 1930's. They are presented here for your viewing enjoyment. Please feel free to download these images for your own personal use. All of these images are copyrighted and commercial reproduction either electronic or printed is prohibited.

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Dave Marsh

The Marsh mentioned above...Was that Al Marsh?

He was my uncle if so can you tell me more about him?

derrell sloan

does anyone rememeber ferrell sloan he raced at mount clemens and owned ferrells transmission if so woul like to hear about it thanks derrell

Dennis Schalm

We have similar backround stories. My dad also died when I was 16, in 1972. One week after my birthday to be exact. He was deeply involved with MCRT also. He graded and maintained the track's clay surface for practically my whole life. We also shared a passion for the sport, although his and my mom's racing careers were only a couple or three years in the mid-late 60's. We were making plans for my entrance into the driving world. Everyone in my family raced at least once at MCRT, with me racing the most. Unfortunately, like you without the help and guidance of our fathers.

Thanks for the memories.

Mike Hill

Thank You Thank You. You had your photo stand under the grandstands main entry there at Mount Clemons. My Grand Father worked at Motor City till it closed as an usher. There at that almost perfect circle racetrack. I really believe it was my Grand Mother though who was the real RACE FAN. We all as a family, about ten to twenty of us would load up in Detroit and make the drive to Mount Clemons. What a Race Track!!!!!! Half mile, quarter mile inside that with a figure eight inside that. I was in Heaven. I don't know for sure but I think my Mom was the Track Queen more than any other Lady. Sure got a lot of rides in the pace car. That Crab Apple Tree between the grandstands and pitroad gave my cousin and I more than one belly ache. Anyway THANKS FOR A BLAST FROM THE PAST MR. BLIXT. I do remember seeing You at the track. We moved to Alabama in 1972, saw some good short track races, but NOTHING COULD EVER COMPAIR WITH THE MOUNT CLEMONS SPEEDWAY. Thank's Mike

Stu Cashman

I have great memories of Mt. Clemens Race Track. Used to go every Tuesday and Saturday (I think) for the Super Stock show with Charlie Newby and his driver Irv Baumgarten driving a '60 Ford Starliner. Races were always exciting with drivers like Ray Nece, Artie Sommers, Jack Goodwin, Benny Parsons, Keselowski, and others whose names escape me. Thanks for the memories!!

Al Blixt

Thank you so much for your comment. I am sorry say I don't know who took those pictures in 1966. I don't think I was at Mt. Clemens much that summer. I don't remember meeting any other photographers. I wish I could help. What kind of a car did you drive? Was it just one season? I would be interested in your recollections.

John Bundy

Hi Al;
Very interesting artical, I raced at Mt Clemens in 1966, would you know who was the photographer that took all the pics of the individual cars that year? I would like to get a picture of my car if they were available, Thanks, John

jeremy lueck

Wow how cool a website. I grew up in Mt. Clemens, and now drive dirt in western Washington at a track called Grays Harbor raceway. I was looking for some history about our old track. I miss it so much. every time I race i think of what it must have been like in the 60's and 70's. What a great tribute you made to such a great place. Thank you!! Jeremy.

Jim Bell

Hi Al,
Great writing,
Kept me reading, Thanks!


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