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Racing Photos 1930's

  • Car #12 Detroit 100 Mile Race 1936
    These are auto racing photographs taken by Al Blixt, Sr. in the 1930's. They are presented here for your viewing enjoyment. Please feel free to download these images for your own personal use. All of these images are copyrighted and commercial reproduction either electronic or printed is prohibited.

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Vicki Prock

Jimmy died in the 60's. He was hospitalized following an accident. Appreciate the articles about Jimmy. My husband Tom, is his son & his namesake Jimmy is in racing also.

Thanks for the info on him. My husband didn't have much to go on.

Jill Prock

Speaking of incorrect spelling: Actually and Article. Woops****

Jill Prock

This Jimmy Brock is my husbands grand dad. It's accually Jimmy Prock, most anything we have run across has the incorrect spelling. Great articale, we haven't run across many. If you have any more PLEASE forward them. Jimmys son, Thomas was just a youngster when his dad pass away so he doesn't really know to much about him.

Kevin Triplett

Great article and photos; a nice rememberance of Jimmy Brock one of the Indy riding mechanics who are often overlooked in the pages of history. A man would have to been brave to have taken the role of riding mechanic in those days.

Richard J. Williams

Before my time but great pictures and story. JIMMY is what auto racing was ment to be, DONT worry about the money. Just race and do your best!

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