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Racing Photos 1930's

  • Car #12 Detroit 100 Mile Race 1936
    These are auto racing photographs taken by Al Blixt, Sr. in the 1930's. They are presented here for your viewing enjoyment. Please feel free to download these images for your own personal use. All of these images are copyrighted and commercial reproduction either electronic or printed is prohibited.

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Ron Grundon

I was selling newspapers at the Indianapolis Motor speedway in 1949 when Duke hit the wall in the Novi. I'll never forget it! I was 13 years old.


hey guys,listen,my dad used to race stock/midgets/sprint back in 1949,he did not race long due to an accident,but he did race!!thats all that matters to me and my,i dont know much about his stats but i sure would like to find out all i can.he passed a few years ago,and my mom met him around the time of the accident(1949) so she cant tell me much. anybody out there know my dad or anything about him???his name is Harry Matthew Eckert a.k.a.(Harry the Hazzard)he and his family are from N.Y. unfortunetally thats all i know................PLEASE HELP ME

jerry spalding sr.

duke nalon was my hero ! when i was 15 years old i was in riley childrens hospital in indianapolis,indiana when duke nalon and lee wallard came into the ward and visited with all the patients there ,i never forgot that and i got to thank duke for the hospital visit just a short while before his death !

Ray Baker

In 1981 Duke was the driver of the Buick pace car that was the first non turbo V6 that set the precedence for the 3800 that is in the GM line up of street cars of today. Buick contracted me and my company: Baker Engineered Engines, to team up with Smokey Yunick to accomplish this starting in 1979.
A photo of Duke, my self and wife, is on the front page of my on race morning...

Term Paper

The Indianapolis 500 was idered part of the FIA World Championship from 1950 through 1960. That was Amazing...

Patrick Kelso

Thanks for your comments for Jimmy Snyder. I'm in the process of restoring the #32 car of Charlie Allen. I believe this is the car Jimmy Snyder was killed in and am looking for any information on the accident. My e-mail is [email protected] Patrick

Earl Neiss

Duke Nalon is the only name I could rememeber off the top of my head when talking about the midgets. I used to go on Thursday nights to Gilmore Stadium in Los Angeles(a quarter mile dirt track) back in the mid forties and enjoyed the sounds, smells and exicitement of the races. We could sit very near to the track and caught the dirt on the first turn. Another memory is the beautiful paint jobs on all those cars. Duke Nalon was a favorite there.

Ed Salwinski

Thank you for the wonderful story of Duke Nalon. I saw him race at Motor City Speedway many times. He drove a maroon #2. I met him once at A.J.Foyts auction down at Indianapolis. He was really a nice man but tough as nails in a racing car. As I recall he had a brother named Cliff who also drove midgets. He was one of Americas really great racing drivers.

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