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Racing Photos 1930's

  • Car #12 Detroit 100 Mile Race 1936
    These are auto racing photographs taken by Al Blixt, Sr. in the 1930's. They are presented here for your viewing enjoyment. Please feel free to download these images for your own personal use. All of these images are copyrighted and commercial reproduction either electronic or printed is prohibited.

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Harry Miller was my Great Grandfather. I have always been interested in the history behind the Lockhart Death. Always thought it was the Aerodynamics until now

Juanita Hines

Frank Lockart was my uncle no LIE, i never got to meet the guy, but i wish him well up there in heaven, as i'm a Earnhart fan GO DALE up there in heaven, but you 2 are gone but never forgotten from me or any of your fans or family.... Frank this is from your great Niece Juanita Lockhart keep those tires rolling up there in heaven God Bless....

Michael Ferner

The Oct 16, 1927 race you mentioned ("Dirt Track Championship") was won by Cliff Woodbury on a point basis. He won two of three 50-mile heats, and finished third in the last for 24 points. George Souders was second twice, and won the last heat for 22 points, second overall. Wilbur Shaw and Dutch Baumann finished 3rd and 4th overall, respectively. No info on Lockhart.

Kevin Allgire

Thanks for another great story.I have a few message board that I visit and I have posted your website on them so other race fans can visit your site.

Kevin Triplett

Another outstanding article, Al. Like your Dad, my father thought that Frank Lockhart was the best driver he ever saw race, and he never go over Lockhart's death.

There has been some controversy through the years as to whether it was a blown tire or aerodynmaics forces beyond contemporary understanding that caused the fatal crash.

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